Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Untitled (25) Digital Zen

Untitled (025)
iPad 4.

I was at our monthly camera club meeting and was showing a friend how to use the Procreate app, and quickly did this painting. It took me all of about 30 seconds to set it up, and 5 seconds to paint. I had a look at it again at home and quite liked it so decided to add it to my abstract sequence. 4 strokes and a chop. This opens up a whole new approach for me. Anyone familiar with this kind of art though, would immediately notice that each stroke or line has no calligraphic characteristic. That is, each line has the same width throughout the stroke. This would be viewed as very inadequate and inept. I have two pressure sensitive styli, a Pogo Connect and a Jot Touch which will give me a variable line, but it is very difficult to do this kind of painting, even those styli, as the iPad glass is very slick, and there isn't the brush/paper, friction/resistance and, of course, the painting area is very small, only approx 6x8ins. Still I have been practising to see what I can come up with.
What I really like about this work is its "cleanness", its simplicity, and its almost minimilist aesthetic. I love the colours also, the red, which, for me, is somewhere between the earth colours Light Red and Indian Red. The black and the cream toned "paper". The painting also hints at some sort of hidden meaning, almost like a rune. I tried this with a slightly textured paper but it didn't work very well. Again, this is intuitive mark-making - working fast without thinking.

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