Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Bushland. Using Aquarella and Glaze apps.

I love watercolour as a painting medium and have dabbled in it at times. My favourite artist is Charles Reid, who is fairly conservative but adventurous in his use of the medium. Anyway I have had the Aquarella app for some time now but have only used it on probably two images last year. I have been inspired by Garry Ryon and Sarah Jarrett. I came across a series of images by the latter artist last year and they just blew me away. Very subtle but engaging use of some watercolour app. Garry has done some super work recently with his "Old Cars" series. So I thought I would have a go and make a determined effort to get my head around this app.
This image originally was just an ordinary shot of our local bushland where I walk. On my iPad I did some basic tweaking in Snapseed (image 1). 
Then ran it through Aquarella - can't remember the filter (image 2). 
Then layer blended both in Laminar Pro (image 3).
I then ran image 3 through Glaze (image 4).
I then blended 3 and 4 again in Laminar Pro.
Back to Snapseed for more basic tweaks.
This is the basics of what I did with a number of failures and also trying different settings. Also trying different blend modes.
So I have come up with this image. I am not sure if it is quite what I was looking for but I am relatively happy with the result. I think.
It does seem to have an element of 'heading for abstraction' which I like. And I find the colours extremely seductive and yummy.

Bushland. iPhone 4s. iPad 4. Shot with Camera+. Post processing: Snapseed, Aquarella, Glaze, Laminar Pro.

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  1. It looks so beautiful! I think i'm gonna try to make something like this with my smartphone