Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Untitled (33) and Untitled (34)

Untitled (33)

Untitled (34)

Since Christmas I have been on a very intensive art making campaign.  Thinking about nothing but art, reading books on art, talking about art, etc. I was beginning to feel a bit jaded, and in light of this I decided to take a sabbatical for awhile to let my creative juices recharge, so to speak.  Over the years this is a fairly common occurrence, and one that I don't fight, although I have read many of those articles about breaking free of the lack of inspiration, or artistic block, which could be useful to some people, but not, I think, to myself. I tend to move in and out of the "zone" somewhat randomly, and such is my creative journey. I find that if I am true to myself, the angel of inspiration will infuse me of her spirit and away I will go again.
I have always been rather fond of boardgames, in particular, historical tabletop war-games that create some bygone and famous battle. Also Eurogames, Ameritrash, and games that refer to elements of contemporary pop culture, such as Super Heroes, Zombies, or Science Fiction. Unfortunately it is a very niche hobby and the little coastal town we retired to some years ago is bereft of any opportunity to play these games in a social setting. These days I play solitaire boardgames or games that have the ability to be played solitaire.  Its not as good as having the social interaction between other players and the game, but is still lots of fun.
Of the two images put up Untitled 34 is my preferred one.  The other has a "too sanitised" feel to me. But I do like it.  It does seem a little too clean, and bright though.  The second one, I just love.  It has that wonderful feel of 'darkness' and perhaps an eldritch mood about it. It also has a spontaneous feel to it, with a good range of marks that are layered and moving back into darkness. I will more than likely use this one again as part of a sequence I have planned. 
Both images were shot with my iPhone 4s and post processed on my iPad 4, using Camera+, Snapseed, Handy Photo, Procreate, and Repix. The starting image on both was a small section of a painting, that I had completed some years ago.

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