Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Within the Woods

within the woods trees whisper,
gnats dance in patches of dying light,
hakea, tea tree, banksia, ironbark,
ancient spirits painting the landscape
with sighs

after rain, the smell of eucalypt and earth.

a breeze moves gently among the leaves,
within the woods trees whisper.

All images:
iPhone 4s. Processed on iPad 4.
Hipstamatic, Snapseed.

Its incongruous and wonderful that we have an area of urban bushland two minutes walk from home. Once in the woods, one can be a million miles from anywhere, or a thousand years from the here and now. The Bunurong People are the traditional owners of this land, a fact that I wish to acknowledge.
I have ignored some of the accepted conventions of photographic practice, preferring instead to give priority to self-expression. What's the point of rules if one can't occasionally break them.

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